Truth Telling

Do you have a friend who is brutally honest all the time, even when it might be slightly inappropriate or even hurtful? Well, that friend, my friends, is me. And might I just tell you that the job is harder than it sounds… Being your friendly, neighborhood truth teller is often difficult, stressful, and uncomfortable,…Read more »

The Only Constant Is Change

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve had a multitude of very well-meaning but annoying people tell me that “the only constant is change.” But today was the first time I realized that these same annoying people were actually 100% correct. As I grow up — yes, I know I’m 33 and that is adult age, but I…Read more »

Hello, Resolutions!

It’s funny how a little bit of time off from work, a lot of time with family and friends, a staycation, and the ending of a calendar year can really change a person’s perspective. While this year has not officially ended, there is a feeling of closure within me. As you all know, 2018 was…Read more »