Summer Bod?

Howdy, friends. It’s June 13th, and I’m heading to the beach in two weeks. Sadly, my summer bod will not be joining me. Which is expected, but still a bummer. As you know, I’ve been out of commish for a little while. And am swollen, under-exercised, and just getting back into my diet. I’ve put…Read more »

Feeling Down?

Do you ever have days or weeks (or longer?) where you just don’t feel like yourself? Maybe you have something going on in your life that’s unpleasant, or maybe you’re just feeling blah for no reason. Well, you guys, that is me this week. On both accounts. For whatever reason, I’ve not been sleeping well,…Read more »

Truth Telling

Do you have a friend who is brutally honest all the time, even when it might be slightly inappropriate or even hurtful? Well, that friend, my friends, is me. And might I just tell you that the job is harder than it sounds… Being your friendly, neighborhood truth teller is often difficult, stressful, and uncomfortable,…Read more »