Traveling is difficult for me. I’m a natural homebody. Routine is a big part of my life, and at some level, I always feel (a little or a lot) anxious when I have an upcoming vacation. Here’s why:

  • I flat out miss my pets. Those little balls of fur are important to my mental health, and like any good dog-mom, I care about their overall well being when I’m gone. Talk about creatures of habit! They are my babies, after all.
  • I hate flying. It seriously scares me.
  • Sitting still is hard for me. Ya’ll know I have a tough time relaxing. And sitting in the same seat for hours is not my favorite. Also, one of the points of going on vacation is to get some relaxation in. And I typically spend most of my time on vacation trying to relax, and when I finally get to that point, it’s time to head home.
  • I know I won’t have access to my normal plethora of healthy meals and snacks, and my water supply will be limited. Especially on travel-heavy days, it’s really hard to eat/drink well. You’re having to eat/drink at strange times because you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make your flight. You can’t carry many snacks with you through airport security. You don’t have access to a fridge. And you’re basically living on coffee and at the mercy of whatever “grab and go” fast food there is on the way to your next stop.

It’s not ideal. I sometimes wonder why I even try to vacation. But then I get there, and I feel much better about everything. It’s really the getting out of town and to my destination part that is most difficult on me, personally.

So what are some snack ideas for a travel-heavy day you ask? You’ll save your calories and your wallet with these tips. Also, be sure to bring an empty water bottle or yeti cup with you to the airport. You can fill it up at a filling station after you’re through security. Hydration is key for a life well-lived.

  1. Protein bars. Easy to throw it in your carry on, filling, and no mess. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Unsalted nuts. My go-to’s are almonds and walnuts. You can bring the whole tin, or buy the snack packs for an easily calculated serving-size.
  3. Fresh or dried fruit. I typically stay away from most dried fruit because of the sugar content. However, I also don’t like smushed fruit, and I’m rough on a carry on. 🙂 Apples, bananas, or whatever dried fruit you love. Pick your poison.
  4. Pretzels and peanut butter. See my previous blog post for some kick ass cauliflower pretzels. You can also buy the single serving peanut butter for dipping.
  5. Veggie chips and hummus. Especially if you have a later flight and are going to eat the hummus quickly (since refrigeration is required).
  6. Real veggies and non refrigerated dips. Pretty darn straightforward, no? Carrots, celery, broccoli, radishes, etc.
  7. Instant oatmeal. Just add hot water + honey + raisins + whatever else you like, once you’re through security check.

Wish me luck in my summer travels, and I’ll do the same for you! Try your best to take care of your body, even on those heavy travel days!

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Thanks for reading! Xo.


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