Howdy, friends. It’s June 13th, and I’m heading to the beach in two weeks. Sadly, my summer bod will not be joining me. Which is expected, but still a bummer. As you know, I’ve been out of commish for a little while. And am swollen, under-exercised, and just getting back into my diet. I’ve put on a little weight, I’ve had a little extra stress, I’ve not gotten much good, quality rest, and I’ve essentially “treated (my)’self” for longer than I’d like to admit. No guilt, though. Remember?

Instead of feeling down about it, I have decided to see it as a positive. For the days leading up to the trip, I will work to continue building up my strength/endurance and become more active (however slowly). I am already crushing it on my diet. I haven’t been counting macros or calories, but I’ve been really focused on getting more veggies and fruits into my meals. So far so good. I am getting back into my daily routine, and that’s given me a good, accomplished feeling.


While travelling, I really hope to stay on course. I want to exercise every day, play lots of tennis in the cooler weather, eat mostly healthy and really relax. Typically my vacations are not restful, but this time I will truly strive to be calm, get some good sleep, really have some down time. Hang by the pool and take long, slow walks on the beach (cliche!).

I also am lucky to be staying at a house with a kitchen! Which is big for me. I won’t be forced to eat takeout and/or hotel food. I plan to eat most meals/snacks in, and take advantage of the farmers markets and fresh produce in the area where we’ll be staying. I’ll also be packing my protein powder, preworkout and BCAAs. Because I’m getting back on the grind, slowly but surely, ya’ll.

If I’m feeling really frisky, I may try a HIIT beach workout in the surf one morning:


What are your plans this summer? I want to know all about them! For now, this is my inner Summer Bod, signing off. Maybe she’ll be available NEXT summer. 🙂

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Thanks for reading! Xo.

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