Do you have a friend who is brutally honest all the time, even when it might be slightly inappropriate or even hurtful? Well, that friend, my friends, is me. And might I just tell you that the job is harder than it sounds… Being your friendly, neighborhood truth teller is often difficult, stressful, and uncomfortable, sometimes more for me than you. For example, If someone looks unflattering in their jeans and they ask me for my opinion about their outfit, I feel morally obligated to tell them that they should change their pants. In a nice way, of course. I really mean well. The same goes for more complicated troubles…and as you can imagine, it often only goes down hill from there.

I have known that I’m a truth teller for a long time. As a young child, I was already personally offended by lies (even ones that had nothing to do with me). I was quieter then, and less assertive. I remember crying and feeling horribly embarrassed when I felt misled, when people didn’t follow through on their promises, or even when they simply changed their minds. As I’ve grown into an adult, I can see that I’m now much more open with my feelings, and I have chosen to hold others accountable for lying. Sometimes unrealistically so.

I did not choose this job, but I feel like it was meant for me. I have the personality and (most of the time) tact to deliver difficult messages with grace, a lot of life experience, and an old soul. People seek me out for advice all the time. At first I was horrified that anyone would trust me enough to ask me questions about their own lives or choices. Now I know that they are drawn to my gut instinct and strong sense of right and wrong. It can be flattering, but sometimes it can also be totally exhausting. Especially if I have to repeat myself…

Last week I talked about my Scorpio traits, and being a truth teller is a definite thing for my sign. However, one thing I need to work on is patience. Not everyone is as quick to change as I can be, and I have to be understanding of that. I also find myself frustrated, at times, when people ask for my opinion and then actively choose not to listen to it…and then ultimately keep complaining to me about their same problems, forever and ever.

Here’s my thought, and I say it truthfully: If you can’t or won’t help yourself, no advice in the world will fix your problem. Take control of your life, and improve it on your own.

Ok, that’s all I got for today, folks.

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Thanks for reading! Xo.



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