You guys. I did a thing this week! After about 100 years as a loyal patron at Gold’s Gym, I found a suitable upgrade. Super Sweet Husband (Ty) and I had been hearing great things about this monstrosity of a new athletic center in our neighborhood for months, but we thought it sounded too expensive and never even stopped in to check it out.

Last week, I had a total gym creeper experience with a dude at Gold’s over a period of several days, and when I reported him to the management there, they were basically like, “Cool. Whatevs.” So on a wild hair, we went to look at the new place.

Ya’ll, this place is everything a gym should be + more. Like, there are so many amenities, I will probably never get around to using them all. It’s super clean, new, shiny and doesn’t smell like feet (which is always a plus in my eyes). So, we signed up on the spot, and bid adieu to Gold’s.

This week, I’m hella sore because I wanted to immerse myself in the new experience. Truth be told, I may have gone a little overboard, but the possibilities are endless! Also, next week I will start being a tidbit restricted for gym time, so I had to fit in as much as possible this week. Thus far, I have worked out in the fitness center and on the treadmills (typical). I have run and walked around the indoor track — the cool thing about this is that there are stations all around the track where you can do ball slams, airdyn, treadmill, elliptical, grab some weights or the battle ropes, stretch, mat exercises, the list literally goes on and on… The track is also upstairs and overlooks all the courts and fields and batting cages, etc. I have also done a Tabata class, a bootcamp class, a gravity suspension class (which was exactly as hard as it sounds), and tomorrow I’m trying their rhythm based spin class. Ty wants to do the rock climbing wall on Saturday. Can you even imagine?


You guys, this gym is everything. And I’m excited to see whether it motivates me to do more things that normal, and how my body can continue to change with all the variety.

Stay tuned for progress!

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Thanks for reading! Xo.

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