I realized (too late) that for a while now, I’ve been in an utter state of “meh.” It’s funny how that can happen sometimes without you really noticing. Like, I’m always aware when I’m making bad life choices, but I conveniently don’t tune into them at times. For instance, I had eaten cookies for like 3 straight weekends. A lot. Of. Cookies. And at the time, I was like, “It’s okay to cheat sometimes. You don’t allow yourself to enjoy life enough. Give yourself a break.”

My workouts were totally underwhelming. Like not the worst ever, but certainly not the best. I kept saying, “It’s okay to half-ass sometimes. You work hard. Give yourself a break.”

I was negative, and didn’t care. Every little thing was bothering me. And I kept feeling like, “You’re not really having negative thoughts. And even if you are, life is annoying and frustrating and hard sometimes. Give yourself a break.”


But now that I’m looking back on it, I see that I was on a total bender. And I had given myself so many breaks that for a significant amount of time, I was not living my best life. I didn’t weigh in, my diet was not on point, I was grumpy AF, and I started to feel like crap physically. Add in a few days for an allergy migraine, some elevated hormone levels, and a couple of personal mini-crises, and it was a recipe for disaster. It sucked.

In a similar funny way, this last Monday I woke up felling like a completely different person than weeks previous. Again, without realizing, I planned my meals and stuck to them in a hardcore way (no cheating!). I grabbed the Matcha and the Collagen Peptides and mixed myself up some almond milk lattes instead of driving through Starbucks. I did a face mask. I focused on my workouts and started running again. I even switched my workout music up — I typically enjoy gangsta rap, but this week all I want to hear is rock and roll — a little Aerosmith, some Def Leopard, even Poison. I’ve meditated every single day this week. I’ve started reading random excerpts from my favorite positive books. I’ve revisited my 2019 goals and vision board. I’ve been more careful of my finances and spending money needlessly. All randomly. It’s as if my body and mind were correcting everything for me. Without recognizing it.


You guys, it’s life changing. This is how I know I’ve made progress. I have truly made health a priority and lifestyle. And when I fall off the wagon and reach a state of meh, I can pivot, and get back on track before I’ve gained 20 pounds by eating every feeling, emotion, inconvenience, bad day, etc. I feel better when I have one solid workout, than when I have 5 sucktastic ones. I hate every minute of running, but I feel FABULOUS afterwards. I see the benefits of sitting quietly and clearing my mind. My wallet is thanking me, and I have manifested enough money to cover everything I need. I’m feeling inspired, happy, healthy and comfortable in my own skin.

Have you ever experiences this kind of shift in your life? Whether you are aware at the time or not? If yes, I want to know about it.

In the meantime, try this delicious recipe. You can meal prep it, or just mix it up one night for dinner. You’ll be glad you did! Note that I used fresh spinach, and it worked wonderfully.

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Thanks for reading! Xo.

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