Today I felt like sharing something a little different with you. Instead of talking about how healthy and active I’ve been lately, I wanted to tell you how NOT well that’s been going. Mainly because I need to get it off my chest — and I also want to let you know that I’m human. Not every day is my best day, and sometimes I can tend to eat my feelings. It’s a real thing, ya’ll. Sometimes, food is one of my only true comforts. #selfcare

You may or may not be aware that I have a lot going on in my personal life (which appears to be my status quo these days). Some of these things are good and some are, well, not. But over the years, I’ve realized that often when I am trying to cope with difficulties, I equate feeling better with food. Here’s my perspective: A really great meal can make just about anything seem brighter. I used to turn to alcohol, but lately I’ve not been feeling that much. I’e never been a smoker. And I have a hard time laying in bed with a tissue box and watching rom-coms or anything along those lines. Just not my style. So bring on the macaroni and cheese, and I will face just about anything. 🙂


The problem that I struggle with at times is that sometimes my one “really great meal” can turn into a couple of really gross meals, or even a whole weekend bender. This amount of spiraling can cause me to feel physically ill (and, I suppose, emotionally ill as well!). For example: This past weekend, I was inactive. Although I managed to get to the gym each day, my work outs were crappy and half assed. I spent most of my free time on the couch, snuggling with my puppies and husband, watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. Which ultimately inspired us to make our own Funfetti cake. And our favorite beer cheese dip recipe with sourdough pretzels. And turkey sandwiches on jalapeno cheese bagels. Sometimes I crave pasta, sometimes bread, sometimes baked potato soup. Other times anything Mexican food or breakfast related will work. Obviously carbs + cheese + sugars are all a thing for me. The list could literally go on and on. At any rate, the weekend was positively gluttonous. And I was into it for a good little bit, until I began to feel disgusting and lazy. Not a good way to end the weekend.

Side note: You guys, have you watched The Great British Baking Show yet? I have no idea why, but it is totally, completely, and 100% soothing. Mary Berry (AKA The Queen of Cakes) and Paul Hollywood are the judges, and they make these poor bakers go through all kinds of wonky, highly skilled, and terrifying baking challenges — from sweet to savory and everywhere in between. They are the toughest critics, but they really help grow these home cooks into fancy bakers. It has inspired me to try my hand at baking again (which, may I say, has never been my forte. I’m just not precise enough, ya’ll.). We became so obsessed with the show over the weekend that we literally watched 3 entire seasons. That’s a LOT of delicious looking, carb- and sugar- filled baked goods, ya’ll.


Anyways, back to me. Come Monday morning, I was so sick and tired of eating like crap (and so afraid to weigh myself!) that I was, in fact, absolutely thrilled to get myself back on track — and just eat a freakin’ vegetable. The funny thing is that by Thursday morning, I’d actually lost two pounds. So, in the spirit of scientific research, cheat days are important to your diet. Just don’t go too overboard or you’ll be sick to your stomach.

I typically post healthy versions of recipes, but this week, just for funsies, here is what we’ll be attempting to bake over the weekend. I won’t mess with Mary Berry’s perfection.

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Thanks for reading! Xo.

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