Listen, I am not a perfect person, but I have always had a very strong sense of moral right and wrong. Have I chosen poorly at times? Sure. But have I known that it was wrong to make that choice? Absolutely. In fact, my mother will tell you that on the playground in kindergarten, I would ask her stop other  kids from breaking any rules. She, of course, did not. It wasn’t her place to discipline other people’s children. But there is a certain inner working of my brain that just doesn’t get non-rule followers.

Ya’ll. In my adult life, I have been shocked to find that there are people out living their lives who literally don’t even know or care about the difference between good and evil. It’s both fascinating and incredibly disheartening. It is difficult for me to sympathize with these particular types of people when they happen to stumble into my life and cause chaos. My typical reaction (which I didn’t really learn how to do until my mid 20s) is to set a boundary, or remove someone from my day-to-day completely. I will be pleasant, but not get in too deep into the relationship. However, there have been times when someone has become so toxic and has done me so wrong that I’ve felt morally obligated to hold them accountable for their behavior. It’s really not enjoyable…for anyone (that includes me). Like, just own it and address it, already.


Hypothetically, let’s say that someone in your family spent money that wasn’t theirs (without legal permission). Would you look the other way and give them a pass? Or would you hold them accountable? In the grand scheme, you have to make a choice for yourself. How much are you willing to take on, and how much are you willing to give on points that are important to you? If you feel strongly, deep within your core, that something is right or wrong (especially when it affects others), you should stand up for your beliefs, amiright?

The same goes for yourself to a lesser degree. Do you have a goal to reach? Are you unhappy? Are you feeling stuck in a dead end job? Are you struggling with health issues, relationship woes, getting out of bed? Hold yourself accountable. Life isn’t meant to be the worst. Will you have ups and downs? 100%. Will you have challenges to face? Heck ya, you will. But it’s about how you handle them that will make the big difference.

  • Own up to mistakes
  • Look for the lesson in challenging situations
  • Adjust your behavior (and continue to do better as you learn and grow)
  • Above all, tell the truth (to others and to yourself)

In case you’re feeling as depleted as I am, I challenge you to an accountability work out. I’ll be drinking my 2nd cup of coffee and seeing you at the gym, people. #noexcuses #beaccountable #workouteverydamnday


+ After every set, run .1 miles!

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Thanks for reading! Xo.

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