Do you have a friend or family member who constantly complains about their life, but does zero to better it? Or are you being that person? 🙂

I have some thoughts, my friends, so listen up. As a former wallower, myself (really only from time-to-time), I feel that I can be honest here: Stop complaining, and love yourself.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 8.26.10 AM.png

Let’s be clear. I’m certainly not a person who is happy all the time. I get down on myself with the best of them. I have anxiety, negative thoughts and feelings, and sometimes wonder why I’ve been dealt a bad hand. But here’s the deal: I get up, I deal with it, I learn a lesson, and I move on. It’s not a perfect science, and I have LOTS of room for improvement. But I’ve never not dusted myself off, gotten back up, and done better.

I woke up today and felt passionate about saying this to someone, to anyone, to you. If you don’t feel that you have as much money as you want to live your best life, work harder, ask for a promotion, find a different job (or two!), get more education, think of your passion and figure out how to make it profitable. If you want to find love, open your heart, put yourself out there, go on a dating site (or two!), finally accept that blind date your friends want to send you on, get out of your comfort zone. If you are overweight, underweight, out of shape, or suffering from health problems, do your research and understand ways you can make yourself feel better (it may not be a cure-all, but it is worth a try to find some relief to whatever situation you’re going through). You are strong, amazing, and can accomplish whatever you want. It’s not magic, it’s hard work.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 8.14.50 AM

The point is: You can’t be better unless you make changes, try hard, and stick to it. I would know. #lifelessons #realtalk #dobetter #liveyourbestlife #workhard #rantdone

Want to start now? Read about How to Detox Naturally by Max Living. Start eating the foods that make you feel like your best self, and see the difference in how you feel.

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Thanks for reading! Xo.

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