I can not remember a time when I was busier than January, 2019. And, believe me, that is truly saying something. Because when I compare myself to others, I often think that I may have some of the fullest days ever. Then, this month has felt like I’ve taken my normal amount of busy and doubled it.

So, it’s no surprise that, as a result, I’ve felt depleted, hungry, and had some fuzziness in my brain…and, okay, maybe some fuzziness in my attitude, too. Normally, I’d consider myself a relatively patient person. I try to always be there for the people I care about, and help them fix what’s wrong. But things that have historically bugged me minimally on a normal day have really surfaced in a big way over the past few weeks, and perhaps I’ve been a little too direct about my feelings about them. My true feelings may have caused a little friction in my relationships.

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 1.24.51 pm

However, the flip side of that coin is that I’ve wondered whether I’ve been enabling stationary behavior for too long. If there are so many little things that bother me on a regular basis, maybe if I’d have spoken up sooner, they’d no longer be an issue. I guess we’ll never know.

As my life continues to evolve in different ways, I find it continually fascinating to look back at the progress I’ve made personally, in just a year’s time. By making a bunch of little tweaks in my day to day, I have actually changed a whole lot!

  • For instance, I have become more physically active. Exercises and movements that were difficult for me just a few months ago, I can now do with ease. And it makes me feel happy inside to get out there and move.
  • My mind is calmer, and I am sleeping better. I used to be up and down all night with worry. I can now turn that off.
  • It used to take me hours to decompress after work, and now I’m able to shift my energy fairly easily.
  • I used to make poor diet choices, and now I’m hyper cognizant of the fact that the way I feel during the day is directly proportionate to how well I fuel my body with food.
  • I was once sad and detached. I have found peace and happiness with my life again by reading self help books, doing daily devotionals, and surrounding myself with positive people, experiences, visions, etc.

All of these things have made a significant difference in how I look, feel, and behave. And it’s a kickass feeling to feel good! My point is this: If I can take my life and make something better of it (even though, I am most certainly not a perfect person), so can you. Whatever you’re going through, whatever you’re struggling with, wherever you are in your life, you can make it better by making some little, positive tweaks. But you have to want to change. I opened myself up, and decided to be different, because staying stationary was the easy choice. Complaining about how things are, and doing nothing to change them was the easy choice.

In order to make your life better, you have to take action. And while January certainly hasn’t been easy, it’s been fruitful, productive, and overall happy. Little changes, big results.

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 1.22.21 pm

Since I’ve been a little stressed, my workouts have changed a bit this month. I have done less weights, and more cardio — just to get all the endorphins I can! High impact workouts are best for stress and anxiety relief, according to this article from EveryDay Health. You guys, I’ve been doing spin classes at RIDE Indoor Cycling and it’s so fun, so sweaty, and helps me drop my stress in 45 minutes or less. 🙂 DO IT IF YOU NEED STRESS RELIEF.

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 1.20.15 pm

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Thanks for reading! Xo.


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