It’s as if 2018 refuses to get over itself. Remember my thing that I was hoping to resolve? Well…it’s not resolved. But you know what? As my mom would tell me, it only means that 2019 will be a year of resolutions, a year of big changes, a year of happier times. When you have lows, there’s nowhere to go but up, right? Right!

I must say that I’m beyond ready to bid 2018 farewell. But fortunately, until that time rolls around, it’s my favorite time of year — the holidays are here, people! Christmas Eve has always been my best day ever — even since I was very young. It’s a day where we go to church together, watch Christmas movies together, eat new, fun food together (typically the food is themed by different types of cuisine from places around the world — this year we’re doing German!), get in the hot tub together, open gifts together and just spend happy times…together. I love the traditions my family has, and I’m thrilled to continue them as we all grow older.

As you know, last week, I was not yet in the spirit of the holidays. This week, I have more than made up for it. I have shopped, wrapped, caroled, finished up with work, etc. and now I can mostly sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. I know it sounds corny, but I LOVE Christmas music. In case you need a reminder, here’s a little ditty from my favorite Christmas movie ever, Love Actually:

Alternatively, I just got back from the grocery store, and everyone and their dog was there…standing, unknowingly, in the way of everything I was trying to purchase. It’s hard times out there for doing your daily grind things. Traffic is worse. Stores are FULL of people. Oddly, all the people out there are moving slower than usual. It’s good to take a deep breath when you’re having to deal with the extras that come with the holidays…or it may drive you to get into the eggnog a little too soon…

During this time of year, it can be difficult to not overdo…well, just about everything. And with the excitements (and stressors) that come along with the holidays, you may find yourself not taking care of you. For instance, this past week with parties, gift exchanges, and all the shopping, I failed at eating and drinking what I had planned. My food always directly impacts the quality of my workouts (and I most certainly wasn’t my best self at the gym). I am not getting my normal amount of rest. And I have what I like to call the “Winter Crud,” which is essentially allergies or a head cold that I can’t seem to shake.

What’s my advice, you ask? Here’s all I got: Do the best you can.

Every day, I wake up with a renewed intention to do better than the day before. I refuse to get in a rut of bad habits that will derail all the hard work I’ve put in focusing on improving my health this year.

  • I still meal prep. Even if I end up going off plan, my food is sitting in the fridge. Right there for me to grab. Whether I choose not to is up to me.
  • I try to overly hydrate. If I’m going to be eating out, the higher sodium (and/or carbs/sugars/alcohol) always gets to me. Better to be filtering those toxins out during the day, before or after, to keep things running smoothly in your body.
  • When you’re busy, you forget to eat/drink, and then you’re vulnerable to making bad choices. I try to keep healthy snacks around that I can grab in a pinch.
  • I get the best rest I can, when I can. Even though it can certainly be a marathon getting through the last few weeks of December in just your social calendar alone, not to mention work + day to day activities.
  • Think of all the favorite holiday foods you want to make, and then get online and find a healthy substitute. It’s not that hard, people. Give it a Goog.
  • And if I end up cheating here and there, I try not to be too hard on myself. As long as I’m not cheating every meal, every day, and I’m still exercising consistently, you have to let yourself live a little!

I mentioned this year’s Christmas Eve menu is German. I am in charge of bringing appetizers and I went for a traditional potato pancake with pink applesauce. I started with the Martha Stewart version, because, ya’ll. I love her. She is practically perfect in every way (except for that whole embezzlement thing).

But then, I found a substitution recipe from Abbey’s Kitchen that I ended up going with. It has less of those carby carbs, and more of that cauli love that I can get on board with. It’s that simple — and also delish. Don’t you tell me you can’t make good choices. 🙂

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Thanks for reading! Xo.



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