Ya’ll. Our first Thanksgiving race was a huge success! Let me tell you everything.


Super Sweet Husband (Ty) and I both took off of work on Wednesday, which was likely the key. We spent the day cleaning, prepping the food, and running last minute errands in preparation for our guests.

We carb loaded to help us for the 28th Annual Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot. We ate healthy all day long (and hydrated!) on Wednesday, and then for dinner, we ate pizza. We are imperfect people, okay? But at the same time, carb loading is an actual thing, and likely (somehow, some way) helped us to be our very best selves during the race.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 3.32.30 PM

When we went to bed on Wednesday, we were totes feeling prepared for all the things. Our alarms rang bright and early, and we. were. off. We grabbed our packed Yeti, Beats, some sweat bands, pre-workout, and our trusty tennies, and drove to downtown Austin for the festivities, and (more importantly) the exercise. I’m not going to lie to you, I got a little nervous as we lined up at the starting line. I asked Ty to hang back with me a bit.


Look ya’ll. I’ve never claimed to be a runner, I have not at all been training (certainly not jogging more than a couple of miles at a time on my own!), and I have no idea what my actual pace is. My main goal going into the race was just to finish, whether I had to walk or not. AND since we were a little pressed for time on the turkey cookin’ at home, we decided we’d need to really be done in about an hour. But, if we needed a little longer, we would have to take a little longer.

I asked Ty if he would walk with me if I was unable to run the entire way through. He was super sweet, per ushe, and told me he’d be glad to. Spoiler alert, ya’ll. I DID NOT WALK EVEN ONE TIME. I am truly so proud of the two of us! We took it one mile at a time, went a little slower on inclines, and we both actually finished at about 50 minutes! Ty beat me by 3 seconds. I’m stoked that we’re both healthy enough to just get on out there and run 5 miles without hating every minute. Take a look at our after photo below!

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 3.32.06 PM

We got home in time to cook the turkey, we ate a delicious meal with great friends and family, and we had a wonderful holiday. And then, this morning, we woke up and thought our legs were broken. Because we’re officially old. So, we’ll probably need to do a little stretching next year (and maybe some regular running workouts leading up to the race)…so we don’t have that situation going on again. The main thing is that we both had FUN, and decided that running’s really not so bad. We decided to make the Turkey Trot a forever tradition for Thanksgiving Day. We also have a 5k coming up on December 1st, and we’re kinda looking forward to it. Hopefully we’ll be fully recovered by then…

One more race before June and I’ll have hit my goal of running at least three 5ks!

What are your tips and tricks before an outdoor run? Let me know, since #ihaterunning usually and need to try hard and get better at it.

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Thanks for reading! Xo.



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