Hi. My name is Kathleen, and I’m just you’re basic gal with some healthy obsessions–cooking, the gym, my dogs, true crime, and (of course!) champagne. What more is there, really?


My life lately has been…a lot. Which, let’s be honest, is really why I’m here. Since things have been so difficult this year, I started to wonder if a blog might help me process.

You guys, here’s the plan:

Once a week, I will document my life–what I ate (hopefully not my feelings–because I have a lot of feelings, ya’ll), workouts (burpee ladder, anyone?), significant events in my world (I once met Matthew McConaughey at a football game–squeal!), what I’m watching and/or listening to (old, new, borrowed, blue etc.)–and how I feel about All. Of. It. Ready or not, it’s happening!